Find Time and Outlook Add-Ons

Any SMB owner knows that time is money.  At Net Works, we are always looking for ways that you can maximize your and your team’s productivity.  In our collaborative work environments, meetings are essential to hold, but also can be a nightmare to schedule.  Team members can be working remotely, members outside your organization can be on the road based in any region of the country, or even around the world; making scheduling a meeting a challenge.   Fortunately, Microsoft has a solution to ease this burden.  Find Time is a free add-on to their nearly ubiquitous Outlook email program.  It is simple to use and very convenient.  Once the add-on is installed, you will see a button in the upper right hand bar of your Outlook dashboard.  Once you click  the button, the steps to scheduling a meeting are easy!

  • Choose the attendees you wish to invite
  • Propose a few different days and times to meet
  • Let people vote on the time that works best for them.
  • Once a consensus is reached the meeting invites are automatically sent out.

There are a couple of other great features in Find Time.  You can alert people to your preferred meeting time; allowing your invitees to see if they can make that time work.  You can see the time most people within your organization are available; allowing you to see if you can move things around to meet with people at their most convenient day and time.  With Find Time you can spend your time meeting rather than sending out numerous emails and making phone calls trying to find a time to meet.  At Net Works, we work to stay abreast of all new developments that will help you to increase your productivity.  Net Works is your IT department.  We stay current, and alert you to all recent upgrades in the tech world so you don’t have to.  When it comes to serving your business I.T. needs, we’re IT!  Contact us today.

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