Fun tips to help you while working from home

Fun Tips to Help You While Working From Home

Now that most of us have spent a week or more working from home we have compiled of list of 6 fun tips to help everyone get through their workday.

  1. Remember your dog always wants to be included in whatever you are doing. Try setting up his bed behind your chair so he can add any of his idea to your meetings.
  2. Make sure your kids are wearing pants before you get on a video call because they will absolutely run behind you when you are on camera.
  3. If you lean slightly toward the camera and lean over your desk, no one can see that the only clean shirt you have can no longer be buttoned all the way down
  4. Hide all of your kids’ Nerf ammo before your all staff conference call so your kids aren’t battling during it.
  5. Always close your chat window when you walk away, because if you don’t your cat will absolutely curl up on your keyboard in your absence and send nonsense to the entire company.
  6. To break up the monotony of never leaving your house, now is a great time to get items of clothing out that you haven’t worn for years.  See if any of your coworkers comment on the tuxedo shirt and bow tie or sequined evening gown you are wearing during your all staff video meeting.

Remember we are all in uncharted territory and we should all try to have some fun with our temporary new normal.

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