Complete IT Management:
Managed IT Services by Net Works

Managed IT Services Bring Increased Efficiency

Small- and Mid-Sized Companies Make Strategic Use of Managed IT Services in Nashville, TN

  • Structured Support

    Everything we do to service your IT needs is backed with our commitment to meet or exceed industry best practices. Service Level Agreements (SLA), proactive monitoring, detailed support ticket tracking, asset management, and client-facing reporting for our Managed Services are just a few of the features that set Net Works apart.

  • Network Infrastructure

    Unsure if you need a new laptop, workstation, printer, server, wireless unit, or switch? No need to worry about it any longer! We work with some of the best brands in the industry to offer you the hardware and software that best fit your business’s needs, at a great price.

  • Network Architecture & Strategic Planning

    Considering relocating your office? Looking at a new line of business applications? We help our clients create strategic, long-term technology plans which provide productivity and profitability to their growing businesses. This planning helps our clients make the right investment into the right technology, while saving on unnecessary spending.

  • Backup Disaster Recovery

    If your primary workstations crashed, would your business be able to continue running? Businesses generate enormous amounts of data each day; that data can reside on premise, on off-site storage, and on cloud-based application. In partnership with Datto solutions, Net Works empowers businesses of every size to protect their mission-critical data – no matter where it lives – with enterprise-level business continuity solutions.

  • Remote Network Monitoring

    It’s 2:39am, do you know what’s happening on your network? With Net Works, you don’t need to worry about it. Our remote monitoring services automatically detect IP connected devices on your network – and we can identify and diagnose problems before you even know they exist. You can relax knowing your network is being monitored at all hours of the day.

  • Patch Management

    Software updates are a necessity of business, and a requirement for most IT security compliances (PCI, HIPPA, etc). Often, these updates fix critical issues or security vulnerabilities, but sometimes they change functionality or even cause secondary problems. Determining your software versions and knowing when to upgrade them can be daunting. Our patch management services save time, reduce costs, and standardize your software patching needs.

  • Cloud Productivity with Office 365

    Office productivity is a critical part of your business. Office 365 is a business standard for email, encryption, secure chat, and cloud file-syncing. Net Works is not only a Microsoft Certified Partner supporting Office 365 for our clients, we use it as well! With the included cloud storage and regular software updates, you can access your office work anytime, anywhere.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid cloud uses a mix of on-premises storage and web-based cloud storage services. By allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs change, Hybrid Cloud gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment options. Simply put, sometimes you want your data stored in your office and sometimes you don’t. And you’re not alone while navigating the cloud – we help you determine your data storage needs.

  • Mobile Device Management

    Business is increasingly mobile. Work that used to happen only in an office can now be done on an airplane (or at the beach). Setting up your mobile devices to connect with your network can be tricky, and ensuring your data remains secure in the process adds to the complexity. Our mobile device management platform provides the security and flexibility that your business needs.