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Azure Cloud Server Tips

Using Azure Cloud Server offers several features and benefits to any organization that needs reliable and secure access to remote data or software. That broad description applies to many medium and large businesses. Running business services on the cloud, or partly on the cloud, through Microsoft Azure offers advantages like high security, easy scaling, fast migration, and compatibility with a huge range of software as well as some free technical training resources for subscribers. Through Azure’s suite of services and features a customer can scale up the capabilities of their infrastructure without needing to purchase new hardware or provision new services manually.

A Short Introduction to Azure Cloud Server

Azure Cloud is a hybrid cloud solution from Microsoft. Azure exists to help organizations create and manage a virtual private network. That network can be as sophisticated, or as simple, as needed to suit the customer’s business purposes. A small firm can host a couple of databases and their cloud-based CRM tool in a secure environment for remote staff. A mid-sized enterprise can run multiple cloud services for employees and customers and easily change the hardware and network settings as business conditions change.

An Azure instance supports local databases and apps as well as services and databases hosted on remote servers. With Azure Cloud Server, a business can store data, run server-based software, and more. The software is proprietary but open to access by client SDKs. In fact, subscribers have access to technical training and to over 40 free services they can use to create virtual private networks and custom virtual networks. Subscribers have access to a long, long list of features, functions, and Microsoft services.

Some Important Features

Microsoft Azure performs a variety of functions, including:

  • data storage
  • cloud computing
  • data backups
  • disaster recover
  • cybersecurity

One of the many services, Key Vault, stores passwords, IDs, and certificates. Users also get free access to managed database services that use PostgreSQL and MySQL. Content creators have Azure Media Services, which helps business owners manage and distribute video and audio content anywhere on just about any type of device. The services include encryption too. Microsoft supports its users with online resources and technical training. Independent data backup solutions are no longer an issue with Azure.

Compelling Benefits for Many Businesses

Any business large enough to have an IT staff should be able to reduce their workload by moving to Azure. The reasons why are straightforward enough: You don’t need any help to provision servers, respond to server- and software-related issues, apply patches, or perform hardware and software updates. Because you are essentially renting space on someone else’s equipment, they take care of maintenance and security. If you’ve been concerned about the security implications of letting employees work remotely, an Azure Cloud Services subscription alleviates that worry while helping make employees more productive.

Outsource Your Cloud Computing Needs

Business owners don’t need to handle their own individualized cloud services and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Indeed, the changeover to Azure Cloud Server from something else can be a complex migration challenge for all but the smallest businesses. Anyone not used to working in a hybrid cloud environment may find the whole process daunting. And then there are ongoing operations and support for the new hybrid cloud architecture. Even those Azure tends to simplify things, it still needs a capable administrator, inside or outside the organization.

Count on Networks for Azure Cloud Server Support and More

Net Works has provided managed IT services, including data backup and network infrastructure since 2002. Our clients have included hotels, hospitals, accounting firms, nonprofits, and more. Implement Azure Cloud Server with Net Works to save money, achieve maximum responsiveness to changing business needs, and get the best available support services including data backup solutions and recovery and technical training resources. If you want network monitoring, network infrastructure support, or general IT management services we can help. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

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