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How Hackers Steal Your Business Data

How Hackers Steal Your Business Data   World Backup Day is March 31, so this is a perfect time to examine your cybersecurity strategy. What makes your business vulnerable? Hackers have many tactics they can use to infiltrate your network, and small to medium-sized companies are often the easiest to hack. Here are four ways hackers steal data:   1)
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Phishing……Tricky Tricky

Spear Phishing Gets More Sophisticated Elon Musk’s Tesla roadster is currently floating through space, most of us have a virtual personal assistant that lives in our pockets, and we’re having lengthy customer service conversations with chat bots. Technology has gotten more sophisticated in every way (aside from that printer that never seems to work). In this climate of innovation, hackers
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Early WARNING Signs

Five Signs That You’ve Been Hacked January 28 is Data Privacy Day, and the New Year is the right time for implementing resolutions and fresh starts. Have you resolved to be more vigilant in 2018? Your small business cannot afford to overlook the dangers posed by hackers who are getting more sophisticated every year. But how do you know if
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BYOD…. it’s what is standing between you and your network security

Is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy Right for Your Business in 2018?   As 2017 winds down, it is time to forecast the workplace technology trends for 2018 and anticipate how these trends can impact your small business. We are in the business of making sure you are prepared for what the changing technology environment will throw your
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Where is your data?

Shadow IT – The Risk Lurking in Your Company’s Devices   Do you know every web application your employees are using? There is a high probability that your workforce is utilizing many devices and applications without explicit approval. Collectively, these programs and devices are called Shadow IT. Shadow IT is essentially any application employees download or IT service they sign
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Spear Phishing – Avoiding the Trap

Spear Phishing – Avoiding the Trap

Phishing is an attack designed to trick Internet users into giving away confidential information, typically by sending an e-mail posing as a legitimate organization (like a financial institution) and linking to a website disguised as one associated with that institution. Spear phishing is a more sophisticated version of phishing that takes these attacks to the next level. Instead of sending
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