Technology WILL impact your business operations

Impact your Business Operations with Technology

Organizations today cannot successfully grow their business while neglecting their technology needs; though it is impossible to become an IT expert while remaining focused on your niche.  The world of IT is constantly changing – from cloud computing, Big Data, mobility, the Internet of Things, and new data storage – options can be overwhelming for any SMB owner.  Is it time for you to upgrade your data storage?  Are you employing the best solution to fit your needs?  As you evaluate your technology solutions, don’t forget about your data storage options.

The traditional spinning hard disk drives (HDD) that we have been familiar with are being squeezed out as solid state drives (SSD) get less expensive and tape drives gain more capacity.  Have we passed the point at which traditional HDD still make sense?  Is the hard drive truly going extinct?  Don’t count them out yet.  In some settings, they can still be a good option.  The modern office is storing more and more of its information in the Cloud and there is no doubt that the Cloud is the future.  However, for some users a full Cloud environment is not optimal for their operations.  Cloud storage only makes sense if you have download and upload speeds that make it worthwhile.  You don’t want your team members to waste productive time waiting for devices to finish buffering.  You need your employees to be able to access the data and applications they need right when they need them.  In some areas of the country the speeds and capacity to make this possible are simply not yet up to snuff.

Additionally, some businesses prefer to keep some portion of their data local.  Data security can be an issue with cloud storage.  For this reason, some businesses prefer to keep their most sensitive data on a local storage option such as a traditional HDD or a Flash storage system.  Both options come with their own costs and benefits.

Which option makes the most sense for your unique office environment?  Do you need to invest in conventional hard drives?  Should you move to a Flash Array?  Can you make the leap into the Cloud? At Net Works, we are your technology partner.  We work with our clients to ensure that they have the optimal data storage solution to fit their needs.  Don’t try to operate in the universe of information technology all on your own.  Get Net Works as your technology ally.  Contact us today!

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